Business Owners and Contractors

We specialize in helping the community of business owners and contractors to receive the highest deductions allowed by law !!!!

Want to get the most legal write-offs ???

We can help, we dedicate the necessary time so you can receive all possible deductions and thus reduce taxes and increase your refund.

We give you a Personalized, Honest and Accurate service!!! Do not let inexperienced tax preparers do your taxes incorrectly and make sure you are getting all the write-offs you are entitled to. If you have errors in your tax preparation you could be target of an audit and cost you lots of money !!!!

We are certified by the IRS to prepare your taxes correctly.

There are many tax preparers who do not sign your Income Tax report, so for the IRS it seems as if you prepared the report yourself so be aware.

We are open all year round to answer any questions unlike most tax preparers that are only open during tax season!!!!

Do you need to give 1099 Misc forms to anyone?

Giving your contractors or workers you have contracted during the year is an easy way of paying less taxes.  If you need help getting those forms out give us a call.  It is your duty to send those out by Jan 31st.

If you need to Apply or to Renew your ITIN we can help.  No need to send your original documents because we are Certified Acceptance Agents with the IRS. Click here to make an appointment!!

“I’m passionate about helping others, so enjoy helping business owners take most write offs and use tax loopholes to pay the least amount of taxes.”